Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefit options are offered to district employees who choose to participate in the plans or options available. Most of the voluntary benefits offer payroll deduction for the premium associated with the plan.

Voluntary Benefit Options:

Dental Benefits

Dental Insurance is not sponsored by the Alpine School District but is available through the Alpine Education Association (AEA) for all employees and the Utah School Employees Association (USEA) for Classified Association members. Dental questions should be directed to the employee association groups. Plan rates and co-pays or allowances depend on which plan options and networks you choose within each plan.


Vision Benefits

EMI Health offers two voluntary vision plans. Plan rates and copays or allowances depend on which plan you choose. The Vision Plans are voluntary and not district sponsored. Please contact EMI Health directly with questions (800) 662-5851.​

Utah Education Savings Plan® (UESP)

The Utah Educational Savings Plan® is a tax-advantaged program to save for higher education. Employees wishing to participate in this program are encouraged to visit the plan’s website for full details about this program.  Click here for a link to FAQs about the 529 plan.