Contact List

You may be wondering who to contact when it comes to questions related to employment, benefits and other general inquiries. Below is a helpful contact list.​
General Employment QuestionsHuman Resource Dept.(801) 610-8467
Computer/Telephone QuestionsTechnology Services(801) 610-8002
Medical Benefits

Human Resource Dept.

EMI Health

(801) 610-8520

(800) 662-5851

EMI Representative first and last Tuesday of the month from 3-5 p.m. Room 100 District Office (first come/first serve)

Dental BenefitsAlpine Education Assoc.(801) 224-2055
Retirement Benefits

Human Resource Dept.

Utah Retirement Systems

(801) 610-8467

(800) 695-4877

URS Representative first Friday of the Month.   Go to and login.  Click “Education” and then “Individual Retirement Planning Sessions” to schedule an appointment.

Payroll QuestionsPayroll Department(801) 610-8562
Benefits DeductionsPayroll Department(801) 610-8482

Benefit Resources for New District Employees

Welcome to Alpine School District!

To help you find out more about your benefits, you may access the Alpine School District – Employer Benefits and Alpine School District – Voluntary Benefits booklets.  If you have questions, please get in touch with the Human Resource Department by calling (801) 610-8467 or by coming into the District Office Room 250.

**Important Deadlines**

  • Traditional/HSA Medical Plan Enrollment – within 31 days of the hire date or eligibility date
  • Dental Plan Enrollment – within 31 days of the hire date or eligibility date
  • Voluntary Benefit Enrollment – 31 days of the hire date or eligibility date
  • Retirement Enrollment – Automatically enrolled in Hybrid Plan but have one year to finalize decision  (Tier II Employees only)
  • Teachers Required Documents by the 40th Contract Day


  • Utah Retirement Systems (URS) – You may contact URS directly by calling (800) 695-4877 or by visiting their website at

Employee Training

Alpine Employees

We want to ensure that each member of our Alpine District team is aware of policies and procedures that will keep themselves safe and enable them to keep others safe as well. To that end, we provide our employee training.

This training also ensures that we comply with federal, state, and local requirements. This training is required of all employees. The training should be completed as soon as possible. You may leave the training and return to it later and your progress will be saved. Failure to complete the training may result in the holding of your October paycheck.

There are different versions of the training based on your job role. Please carefully select the course that best matches your role. You will only need to complete one course even if you fill multiple roles. If you are a sweeper or athletic coach without an additional school role, you will receive training through your supervisor.

If you fill any of these roles, even on a limited basis, take the course below:
Administrator (School and Non-School Based), BCBA, Counselor, Innovative Learning Coach, Media Center Specialist, PLC Coach, Psychologist, Teacher. Estimated time to complete: 
3 hours, 42 minutes.
Facilities & Other:
If you fill any of these roles, even on a limited basis, take the course below:
Athletic Trainer, Business Services, Carpenter, CFA, CTE Specialist, Delivery Person, Electrician, Graphic Designer, Grounds Crew, Heavy Equipment Operator, Human Resources, HVAC, Maintenance Worker, Mechanic, Mower, Painter, Plumber, Purchasing, Secretary (Non-School), Space Center Worker, Transportation Dispatch, Warehouse Worker. Estimated time to complete: 2 hours, 36 minutes. 
Classified (Academic):
If you fill any of these roles, even on a limited basis, take the course below:
504/SpEd Aide, Aide, Audiologist, Computer Tech, CTE Internship Coordinator, Interpreter, Media Center Assistant, Occupational Therapist, Office Specialist/Office Tech, Physical Therapist, Registrar, Secretary (School-Based), Speech Pathologist, Student Advocate, Teacher Assistant, Technology Staff. Estimated time to complete: 3 hours, 26 minutes.
Classified (Non-Academic):
If you fill any of these roles, even on a limited basis, take the course below:
Bus Attendant, Bus Driver, Custodian, Nutrition Worker. Estimated time to complete: 2 hours, 46 minutes.

You may be prompted to select an account. Please use your account. You will then click the blue button to enroll in the course. If you have a question that your principal or supervisor can’t answer, please email [email protected].

We look forward to a great year! Thanks for all you do to make Alpine District an amazing place to be!