About Supported Solutions

The Alpine School District maintains three distinct levels of supported digital solutions: District, School, and Teacher-level support. When an application or system is supported, someone in the organization needs to think through or provide solutions for the five facets of technology support.

The Five Facets of Technology Support

Administrative Support/Systemness

The administrative/leadership team of the district or school should be on board with the pedagogical reasons this tool is supported for teacher use. Are they comfortable with the philosophy, methods, and effectiveness of its use? The principal is responsible for the teaching and learning that takes place in a school and should be a part of the approval process.

Student Data Privacy

Does the application or software use align with the district policy of not sharing more than student name and district email with technology partners, or has the company signed a Data Privacy Agreement? Are teachers including use of this tool in the student disclosure document?

Licensing & Provisioning Accounts

Who will create and maintain student and staff accounts? Have Single-Sign-On and data transfers been explored? Who pays for the licensing?

Support and Troubleshooting

Who will provide timely troubleshooting and other support when needs arise? This would include ensuring there is a support avenue and contract at the company.


Who will provide the initial and ongoing training?

District Level Support


These tools are listed on our District website (http://www.alpineschools.org/supportedsolutions).


District-level support leads have been assigned, in addition to coaches who can support the use of these tools. A well-defined escalation support structure is defined.


These tools have been vetted by curriculum and technology teams, and Data Privacy Agreements have been secured by district officials.

School Level Support


School leadership team must work through the five facets of support listed above.


A full-time member of the school staff must serve as the support lead.

Teacher Level Support


Any application that does not require sharing more student information than first name, last name and student district email address when creating student accounts and throughout normal system use.


The teacher must work through the five facets of support listed above.


Principal approval should be secured before using student accounts.