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K-6 Literacy Resources

Core Standards for English Language Arts

The Utah Core Standards are aligned to scientifically based content standards. The standards provide a foundation for ensuring learning within the classroom.

Alpine School District K-6 Literacy Essential Standards

The Alpine School District K-6 Literacy Essential Standards outline essential knowledge, concepts and skills to be mastered at each grade level.

State of Utah K-12 Literacy Framework

The Utah State Office of Education K-12 literacy framework offers evidence-based strategies, tools, and resources that encourage best practices for improving literacy outcomes for all students

Essential Components of Literacy

Research has supported the use of evidence-based literacy practices using systematic, explicit, cumulative instruction when teaching the seven essential components of literacy.

Utah's 5 High-Leverage Practice

High leverage practices are evidence based meaning that they reflect effective methods that when successfully implemented can improve results for each learner.

K-6 Literacy Team

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