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Student Educational Services

Instructional Framework


Learning Targets
Success Criteria
Language Expectations

Explicit Instruction

Cultural Energizer “I Do”
Guided Instruction “We Do”
Collaborative “You do it together”
Independent “You do it alone”

Academic Content & Language

Oral Language Development
Academic Language
–Word Level
–Sentence Level
–Discourse Level

ALS Site Coordinators ensure that all English Learners at each individual school site are provided with an appropriate English Language Development (ELD) plan. Additionally, they monitor students for a period of four years who have reached the criteria necessary to exit from ELD services to ensure academic success in the mainstream.


ESL Endorsements
WIDA Can Do Descriptors and Instructional Strategies
Grading Guidelines for ELs
Language Frames
Free Supplement Language Acquisition Programs(Does NOT replace Tier 1 instructions)
  • Imagine Learning – The USBE has purchased licenses for every EL in Utah. In order to get set up in their classrooms, teachers need to contact our representative, Randy Tingey ([email protected] (801) 368-3197). In addition to use in the classroom, students can also acquire a home access code which enables them to use the program at home.
  • Duolingo – This free program is adaptive and includes gamified elements to help students learn vocabulary and discourse necessary for everyday communication.
  • Nearpod –  Ready to run K -12 lessons delivered through an award winning interactive program.  Please contact the ALS Department for log in information.

ALS Paraeducators assist in carrying out the English Learner school plan at their assigned schools through providing pull-out and push-in support as directed by their principals.