Workplace Injury

When an employee is injured on the job, the employee has a responsibility to report the injury to his/her supervisor.  Then the supervisor and employee should immediately call Company Nurse 1-888-375-0279 (see attachment below).   If Company Nurse decides they need medical help they should go to Work Med at 830 North 980 West, Orem, Utah.  The secretary at the employee’s location should fill out the First Report of Injury Form and return it to Maritza Monterrosa at the District Office in the Business Services Department.


Last Updated: May 9, 2019

Life Changing Event Resources

Many employees experience life-changing events during their career as a district employee.  To help you during these times of change, Human Resources has compiled some helpful resources to remind you of necessary benefit updates.  

All of the items below are considered a “Qualifying Event” and open up a window for you to make changes to your medical insurance coverage as long as you come into the Human Resource Office within 31 days of the event and fill out the Insurance form.  You could also make changes to other benefits (dental, vision, etc.) within this window by contacting them directly.  If you have questions regarding any of the events please contact the Human Resource Office.  

Note:  This is a suggested list, not all content may be applicable to your situation and you may also need to contact or update other information in addition to the information provided in these lists.  

Last Updated: February 11, 2019

Gmail: District Employee Email Access

New hires will receive an email, at their home email address, with all of their login information for their work email once they have filled out all of the hiring forms and have been marked active in the district system.   To access your work email account, you may use the following link:  ASD Gmail

For additional assistance with your email account please call Data Services at (801) 610-8432.

Current Employee Resources

While working for Alpine School District you may have questions about employment-related topics such as who your bank should call to verify your employment or updating your address.  This helpful resource section can help answer the everyday questions you may have about: