Using Draw It Slides at the Beginning of a Nearpod Lesson

Management Idea: Put a Draw It slide as the first slide in your @Nearpod lesson! It gives something for students to do while everyone gets logged on AND it can give you some great formative assessment data to get your lesson started.


some more cool ways to innovate we must share

Pinning Tabs in Chrome

Pinning Tabs in Chrome

Pinning Tabs in Chrome In the Chrome browser, you can lock your most-used tabs to the left side of your browser window. When you pin

Keep Calm Open New Tab

Open A Closed Tab

Have you ever accidentally closed a tab you still needed? Next time, don’t panic! Simply push Command + Shift + T and it will reappear!

Hour of Code

Happy Computer Science Education Week! Who is doing the Hour of Code this week? We would love to see pictures of your experiences around @alpineschools.

Pair Programming

Hour of Code: Pair Programming

Don’t feel like you have enough devices in your classroom to participate in the Hour of Code? Research shows students learn best with pair programming